Jen Shirkani is a published author, business leader, and nationally recognized emotional intelligence expert. She has experience as
a keynote speaker at national and state conferences, universities, government agencies, and business organizations around the world.

8 Minute Speaking Sampler

Speaking at a national conference with thousands in attendance, Jen Shirkani provides strategies for being more effective at work and at home by leveraging the power of emotional intelligence.

Interview On Emotional Intelligence

Jen Shirkani discusses the importance of EQ (emotional intelligence) in leaders and employees.

Leadership Effectiveness

Would others describe your leadership style as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Professional Speaking Reel

Jen Shirkani shares examples from her over 20 years of experience as a learning and development specialist and executive coach at her speaking events, bringing relevant and practical examples to life.


  • Nationally recognized keynote speaker and expert on EQ
  • Jen has an affordable, flexible fee structure
  • She has dates available in the next 90 days
  • Diverse experience with a wide range of industries (from Assisted Living to Bank Auditing)
  • Engages small to large audiences
  • Published author on leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Entertaining and funny, uses storytelling to share concepts
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