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If you are interested in learning more and want to take your emotional intelligence to the next level, you are invited to attend our webinar series on Ego vs EQ.

It's vital for leaders today to use a competence known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that keeps them connected to their workforce and grounded in the day-to-day realities of their business. EQ refers to a skill set that includes an ability to recognize one's own impulses and moods (self-awareness), the ability to read situations accurately (empathy), and the capacity to respond appropriately depending on the situation (self-control). As leaders rise in responsibility, influence, and privilege, ego blind spots start to appear and the risk of falling into ego "traps" increases, hurting their credibility and hard-won success. EQ and ego are mutually exclusive.

So, how can otherwise brilliant leaders keep from succumbing to self-sabotaging ego-driven behaviors? In this 10 webinar series, the Penumbra team shares the principles taught in the book, Ego vs EQ and shows employees practical ways to hone their Emotional Intelligence to be an engaging and inspirational leader.

Webinars can be attended individually for $39 or as a series at a discounted price of $299. Everyone who registers for the series gets a free copy of Ego vs EQ!


Intro to Ego vs. EQ

Successful leadership requires leveraging the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) within your management strategy. Developing these skills provides an edge to the effectiveness of leaders at every level of an organization—from interviewing and selection to motivating and engaging employees. In this 60 minute session you will receive an overview of the EQ competency and a synopsis of 8 common traps to avoid that can sabotage your career.

Date | 1/14/16
Live Session Led By The Author | Jen Shirkani
Cost | FREE!

Ignoring Feedback You Don't Like

It can be hard to hear honest feedback—especially when the feedback isn’t what we think or want to believe about ourselves. But the consequences of ignoring that feedback can be even more damaging—it can significantly raise the risk of career derailment. In this 60-minute session, you will learn how practicing the three primary EQ skills—self-awareness, empathy, and self-control—can open the door to free-flowing communication and ensure that you receive the timely feedback required to raise your effectiveness.

Date | 1/21/16
Cost | $39.00

Believing Technical Skills Trump Leadership Skills

Being brilliant with strong technical expertise means very little if you can’t collaborate with others to leverage your knowledge in ways that move your organization forward. Research shows that technical expertise (in and of itself) is not a core indicator of success in any organization. In this 60-minute session, you will explore how certain strengths can be over-valued and/or over-used. In contrast, we will identify the predictive significance of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in becoming a people-savvy leader.

Date | 1/28/16
Cost | $39.00

Surrounding Yourself With More of You

In any organization, it’s a challenge to build or expand a team. There cannot be any shortcuts in the interviewing and selection process. When you choose candidates who share your same strengths, values, and ways of thinking, your team will become limited in scope. The result: the team sees the world much like you do—rather than being able to question decisions or processes, and offer different perspectives. In this 60-minute session we will reveal the blind spots that prevent you from realizing oncoming group think challenges.

Date | 2/4/16
Cost | $39.00

Not Letting Go Of Control

Often times we feel the need to stay heavily involved in all levels of decision making, to make sure everything is being done correctly. It’s commendable to want things to be done right. However in most cases, the need to be consistently involved in decision making at all levels often slows down the work of those around us. In this 60-minute session you will learn how the principles of Emotional Intelligence say, “it’s not our job to stay in the weeds and micromanage every challenge.” Instead, our goal is to communicate effectively, develop and lead others in the strategic direction we all envision.

Date | 2/11/16
Cost | $39.00

Being Blind To Your Downstream Impact

We’ve all experienced scenarios when our good intentions go wrong. It’s easy to have blind spots regarding how we often impact others. You may not have any objective advisors to provide you feedback regarding the disruptive effects of your decisions, initiatives, requests, or behaviors can create. In this 60-minute session you will learn how to avoid behaviors (often impulsive or unplanned) that can have a negative effect that ripples downstream to your team or your organization.

Date | 2/18/16
Cost | $39.00

Underestimating How Much You're Being Watched

Make no mistake about it, everyone watches what you do. As a leader within your organization, your behaviors –both good and questionable- are noticed by those around you. During this webinar, we’ll encourage you to step into other people’s shoes and analyze yourself objectively, from their perspective. In this 60-minute session we review the things employees pay the most attention to, and we’ll identify opportunities to increase your credibility and potential for success.

Date | 2/25/16
Cost | $39.00

Losing Touch With The Front-Line Experience

Valuable information about how an organization can improve and increase its competitive advantage can be generated by employees at all levels of the organization. Issues that create the need for change are frequently most evident at the front line. However, policies are often created by leaders who can become out of touch with the practical realities of the organizational dynamics and cultural influences of those who have to execute their plans. In this 60-minute session you will learn ways to assure your credibility, and revitalize the engagement of employees at all levels of your organization.

Date | 3/3/16
Cost | $39.00

Relapsing Back To Your Old Ways

One of the challenges of learning and adapting to new and enhanced behaviors is becoming comfortable, or complacent. When this happens, you think you’ve “fixed things” and don’t need to worry about having Emotional Intelligence (EQ) goals anymore. Demonstrating the potential to be self-aware, empathetic, and self-disciplined—only to slip back into the same high-ego behaviors you exhibited in the past, sends a message to others that you are choosing to act with low EQ. In this 60-minute session you will learn ways to avoid the damaging return to unproductive habits and ego driven behaviors.

Date | 3/10/16
Cost | $39.00

Taking Ego vs. EQ Full Circle

People who focus on their own interpersonal effectiveness are one major step ahead of those who’ve yet to discover the significance of emotionally intelligent leadership. This important realization is at the core of a personal journey toward either career success or sabotage. Emotionally intelligent leaders weigh the risks, as well as the rewards of the transition toward applying the proven science of EQ. In this 60-minute session you will learn ways to maintain long term success, by making simple adjustments, and thereby gaining credibility toward becoming a role model for leadership effectiveness.

Date | 3/17/16
Cost | $39.00